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Ostkusten Maskin AB is a brand new company that sells agricultural machinery, tractors and excavators. In order to have an easy way of adding great looking products to their website, and analyze the popularity of each product, they have chosen to use (great choice!)

Whatever industry you're in we're confident that we can deliver a great web shop that suits your business. This web shop is a bit special, since Ostkusten Maskin AB have chosen not to have a function that most of our web shops really want: "Checkout". Instead, they've chosen an approach where customers can learn more about their products and then click a button in order to easily contact a salesperson. A good option considering that it's not so common for people to spontaneously purchase an excavator!

Do you need a web shop with the possibility to charge customers by credit card, invoice payments and part payments? Or maybe just one with a function for customers to easily be able to "Contact salesperson"? Ask us for an invite, and we'll help your business to develop a fantastic web shop.

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