Web sales have never been this easy.
Nor this beautiful.

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Imagine e-commerce, just...


We look forward to showing you what a smart web store is.

The system understands your products and helps the customer find anything with minimal effort.

With the goal of maximizing your sales numbers.


Other web store platforms will require you to create a new web site for yor web store. Although you already have a web site that your customers are familiar with.

That's not very smart.

Instead we integrate your web shop into your existing business web site, in order to give your customer a seamless experiece.


Why waste time on administration?

Your calendar is full of important tasks. Therefore we've put our heart and soul into making sure that nothing will be complicated.

No other e-commerce system requires so little of you as owner.


We want to give you an experience.

That experience can't be achieved simply by being the worlds best e-commerce system. It also needs to be the worlds most beautiful e-commerce system.

With clear, elegant design it'll be a pleasure managing your web store.

New website launched, powered by Butik.blue: OstkustenMaskin.se

Latest from our blog

Ostkusten Maskin AB is a brand new company that sells agricultural machinery, tractors and excavators. In order to have an easy way of adding great looking products to their website, and analyze the popularity of each product, they have chosen to use Butik.blue. (great choice!)

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The very first Butik.blue web shop is launched: Klappat.nu


We've now launched the first web shop that uses Butik.blue to create products, display them on its web site, make purchases by card, invoice or part payment and analyze the entire process.

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Flowers and paintings


We now have some paintings and flowers up at the office on Slottsgatan 116. Come up and have a coffee if you're in the neighbourhood!

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Web shop with a complete payment solution

A complete solution for card payments including discharges, invoices and splitted payments – everything is included.

Simple reports

PayEx compiles all sales for the period in one single report and one single payout, which includes all transactions and payment flows matched to your web shop. This will save you both time and sweat.

Direct payments

Your customers pay now or later. We will always pay you now.

Card payments

Accept card payments with the world's most popular debit and credit cards.


You can let your customers receive their goods first and pay later, with no need to worry about additional administration or risk.

Splitted payments

Offer your customers the opportunity to pay at their own pace. We take the credit risk and deal with the administration.


Start accepting payments from MasterCards brand new digital wallet - MasterPass.

Demo to arrive
27 July

Partners & Integrations

Marketing, payment and delivery
- we have partnerships and integrations for the complete e-commerce experience

The Team

Martina Eksmo

Digital Art Director

With a bachelor in graphical design and communication it's Martina who's the boss of all design and typography. She's always pushing us ever closer to pixel perfection. Still has a crush on Johnny Depp.

Tobias Lindehoff

Lead Developer

Lead Developer with focus on all that which is heavy and complicated. He comes straight from ST Ericsson and TDD Solutions. These days he spends illegally many hours with us designing database structures and security. He hasn't had a haircut since 2012.

Tobias Jansson


Our code artist from Linköping University bachelor Innovative Programming. He tidies up our code in a calm and systematic manner. Something we're' always very grateful for. He steadily adds sharp, logical aspects to our conversations.

Alexander Woodhouse

Team Lead

Our energetic Team Lead has been in charge of businesses since early childhood. With unparalleled optimism and willingness to deliver he makes sure that we keep our deadlines. He is very detail oriented. That's probably why he loves mind maps.

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